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How Sunly is transforming their business through strategic outreach: A Case Study

We've had the fantastic opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future with Sunly, our very own Estonian game-changer in renewable energy, and what a flying start it has been!

So, here's the scoop: We recently kicked off our first B2B email outreach campaign for Sunly. We targeted a specially selected group of Estonian companies, all sized just right and curated by our Glenda to meet Sunly’s specific needs. And the results? Imagine diving into a new relationship and hitting the right notes straight away!

Breaking Down the Numbers

For those who love a good success story backed by numbers, you're in for a treat. 2 months of Sunly's B2B outreach have shown some impressive stats:

Months of outreach done


Contact pool


Response rate

22,4 %

Business leads generated

63 new possible partners to do business with

These figures aren’t just numbers. They showcase an efficient, targeted approach that resonates with folks who are eager to support and switch to greener energy solutions.

A Little Insight from the Inside

According to Siim Lääts, the retail head of sales at Sunly, this campaign was about more than just numbers. It was about making a real impact. The campaign not only attracted new clients but also streamlined operations in a way that his team's time could be redirected towards other valuable ventures. “Our partnership with Leadfinder has enabled Sunly to control sales costs and budgets more effectively,” Siim said. They've also managed to sidestep the need for 24/7 sales activities. This means Sunly can now adjust operations on-the-fly without breaking a sweat.

What's Next for Sunly?

This is just the beginning for Sunly x Leadfinder cooperation, and from the looks of it, the future is as bright as the renewable energy they produce. The campaign has set a solid foundation for what's to come. With such a strong start, it’s clear that Sunly isn’t just about making power, they’re about empowering change.

Catch you in the next post, where we’ll dive deeper into the world of successful lead generation and impressive results from Leadfinder's campaigns. Go green and stay positive!

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