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How confident is your CONTENT? 👑

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

A month ago, we wrote about the importance of the different technical aspects of email sending. These are essential, and when they're in place, it's time to begin the next chapter.

So today, we'll focus on the different parts of B2B email content.

Content is king

After you've gone over the technical points like DKIM, DMARC, and SPF, it's time to focus on meaningful content. We can say that all the readers of this blog post know more or less how to write an email. But is it the one that covers necessary matters and draws the attention of the required target group? We have some excellent tips and ideas prepared for you, so grab the popcorn and continue reading.

Write an email like you are writing to your friend

Clear, short, and catchy, that should be the basic formula of your text. One easy rule to remember is that the written content of the email must be as personal as possible. B2B emails don't have to be so technical but instead written in a friendly and private matter. There's a considerable risk of missing the point if you write in great detail or escalate the topic too much, at least in the first email. Remember that the one receiving your text is a human being, so act accordingly.

Say something good

Let's be honest, people like it when they’re praised. So it's always a good idea to turn to someone using their name or at least the title. Do it because that already shows a potential client that you have done a prework. But, again, one must cross the thin line between being polite and sticking it up to someone.

Organic is more than a trendy word

Quality content isn't only about personal character. It has to be and sound organic, too. No one, and really, no one wants to read robotic texts that feel like the Terminator itself writes them:

Your clients are not stupid, and nowadays, it's pretty easy to recognise the text written by AI. So the second important point you must keep in mind is always to stay as accurate as possible.

The more authentic your writing is, the more people it attracts. So even though you're writing a B2B email to a small-time CEO or a big company marketing manager, you're still writing it to a person. And, of course, it requires basic courtesy and correctness in the text, meaning that typos or mistakes are not accepted.

What's the problem?

Indeed, what’s the main issue in your text that you're trying to bring attention to? The third tip today is to understand the problem you're talking about. Bring it out so that the client gets what solution you are offering. Don't promise something that's not required and doesn't solve any issues. It only makes things more confusing and doesn't help anyone. Understanding the problem is intriguing, but at the same time, we do not want to cause inconvenience. So let's focus on the issue we’re trying to solve.

Whom are you going to call?

The personality is there. The problem is there. Your text is ready, but it's not over. The first written email is only the beginning because you want to make sales and continue rocking on. So add the CTA to your text because that's the key for your future client for subsequent communication. One CTA is enough because we don't want to oversell and overkill with the first letter. You have time. Write the sound, open call-to-action, and wait a bit. The ball is now on the client's field.

Sometimes the best tool to track is the number of answers you’ll get to your email. And these are encouraging, meaning the green light for continuing with the sale. Or on the other hand, the response to your B2B email can be negative, meaning that the potential client isn’t into your stuff. Still, don’t stop because sometimes the best sales and ideas develop from the “no“-answer. Go further, ask about their previous experience, product usage, and more. It’s always worth analysing the answers to arrange the meeting.

Taking it all together

We hope you use something from our blog post next time you write your B2B email. As we said, the cornerstones of your email are organic content, personal character, and the clear highlighting of the problem. As the B2B email marketing is Leadfinder’s passion, we will continue with this topic.

Stay tuned because our next blog post

will choose the right target group!



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