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Using email or LinkedIn, we will proactively contact your company's potential B2B clients on your behalf. Our work is divided into several stages.


Setup stage


1. Map your target market, companies and decision-makers to select the appropriate search criteria.
2. Define your product’s DNA - your customer’s pain and your value proposition
3. Handle copywriting and create engaging messages to your target audience, using our business know-how and our broad copywriting experience.
4. Shape up your LinkedIn profile.
5. Build the outreach strategy and set up email and LinkedIn automation


Email outreach

In this phase we will periodically:

1. Identify your target audience, using different sources and automation tools.
2. Find professional email addresses of the prospects, running on-demand searches from global and local sources.
3. Reach out to prospective customers and process the replies. We'll periodically add new contacts and update messages to keep the campaign fresh.
4. Carry out a/b tests in the beginning and during campaigns if needed, improve messages and titles and do other adjustments to reach the best results.

5. Report the campaign results to you on weekly basis.
6. Forward you activated leads on daily basis.


LinkedIn outreach

In this phase we will periodically

1. Identify your target audience
2. With regular invites and personalized messaging:
Build your LinkedIn network
Nurture activated connections
Get appointments or positive responses, depending on your call-to-action
3. Send you weekly performance reports

Do you want to be as successful in growing your company's B2B sales and finding new clients
Choose a convenient time from the calendar for a 30-minute video meeting and let's discuss possible cooperation!

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