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Our Story


We’re a team of experienced B2B sales professionals who’ve been in business and sales since 1996. Together we’ve founded and built various start-ups. Along the way, however, we’ve stumbled over the same question time and again - how to find and reach new customers? 


Finding the right contacts and building up a dialogue with them is a time-consuming and stressful job that none of us was comfortable doing on a regular basis. This required a fair amount of creativity and agility and often repetitive and inconvenient tasks. Not to mention measuring the efficiency of the whole process.


So, we started looking for solutions to automate some of the cumbersome activities of finding and contacting sales leads. By testing different tools, we came to the conclusion that they only partially covered our needs. So, at the end of 2019, we put our minds and our sales expertise together and developed our own lead generation process, from finding contacts and personally approaching them to getting qualified leads, without too much manual intervention.


Compared to many other lead generation options, the process was many times more cost-effective, and we soon realized that this cost-effective B2B lead generation process was something other companies needed as well. That's how Leadfinder was born - an invisible assistant that finds new business clients day by day, for smaller and larger companies alike.


We are Leadfinder 👋


Glenda Tamar


A true team player with perfect German language skills and several years of international experience.

Markus Kaljuste

Co-Founder & CEO

12 years of hands-on B2B sales and marketing work, company building and having fun while doing it.

Rainer Aunpu

Co-Founder & CDO

An experienced leader and startup entrepreneur, dedicated to empowering people and organizations in pushing their boundaries.

Pavel Hmeljov


Pavel’s 2 main ambitions: first, to visit all countries in the world. Second, to make all IT systems run perfectly while he's travelling.

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