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We are a team of experienced B2B sales professionals and we noticed a while ago that finding the right leads and cold contacting them is a stressful job that none of us liked doing on a regular basis. On one hand it requires high creativity and agility, on the other hand you need to execute repetitive and often uncomfortable tasks, not to mention measuring the effectiveness of the process.


So we looked around for solutions to automate some of the hassles related to finding good sales leads and getting them to talk to us. After some research and trying out different tools we came to the conclusion that the available automation tools tend to focus on specific routine operations and still leave too much creative and manual administration work for us to do.


We were looking for something that would solve more challenges at once and would eliminate most of the routine tasks we had. Something that would run the process from discovering leads to having qualified leads without much need for manual intervention. So we could focus on face-to-face discussions with customers and closing the deals.

We tried out several tools for finding the right targets and their contact details. This took us half way where we wanted to be.


Having discovered thousands of meaningful leads we now only needed to figure out a process of approaching them systematically and on a large scale, yet very personally. We achieved this by feeding the precisely targeted sales leads to an email sequencing tool which takes care of sending personal messages to a wide audience of potential customers. It also automatically follows up on each lead for as long as they convert to sales meetings. All the necessary sales metrics were part of the package.


By using different automation tools and connecting the dots between them, we had suddenly created a sustainable and effective lead generation process that requires minimum amount of human input. And it was cheap compared to many other lead generation options.


Having built this amazing process for ourselves we felt that this might be something that many other companies would love having as well. As this process is still not 100% automated and requires some setup and transition efforts and quite good understanding of how to do it, we decided that it would work best for others if we did it for them. The whole thing.


This is how, an end-to-end B2B lead generation service was born.

Our Story


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