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Rainer, ''The Co-Founder and CDO''🧙

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

How did becoming a Co-Founder and CDO of Leadfinder change your life?

- Through Leadfinder I finally found a way to build a company and be my own boss at the same time. None of my previous jobs or endeavors have really provided what I was looking for. I have a co-founder and a team who I enjoy working with. There’s no one dictating, either directly or indirectly, what I should do. If something doesn’t work for me, the only way to look is in the mirror. It’s the perfect way to walk the path I was meant to walk.

What were the biggest challenges with starting the Leadfinder?

- The biggest challenge, as often in life, was letting go of the past. To just take the next step despite what’s happened before. For the initial startup phase this only lasted for a short while. Once we got going, it was only about pushing forward. But the challenge of letting go is constant. With experience, especially the bad experiences, comes conservativeness that I constantly need to fight against in myself to be able to achieve more that I thought was possible.

What is the most special experience you've had and what did you learn from it (personal or work related, you choose)?

- There is nothing more special than experiencing my daughter’s birth. I guess every parent knows this, but the feeling of unconditional love is something I didn’t really imagine possible before. Truth be told, the real challenges only started after the birth though :) The way a small person can teach you about your weaknesses and how to improve as a person, is limitless. There could be no better mirror to reveal what you’re really like.

Can you give any suggestions to people who want to have a successful business?

- There’s no one thing that could be suggested. Being true to yourself is the main challenge in our lives, either personal or business. It’s really easy to get sidetracked from what you really intended to do. Just be honest with yourself and others about why you do what you do and you’ll enjoy a much happier life.

What is a book/podcast everyone should read or listen to?

- Well, first I suggest that you read at all. Anything. And if you’re at some point wondering about what being honest with yourself means or how to do it, Lori Gottlieb’s “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” is a really good read. For me it was mostly about how good liars we are to ourselves and ultimately to others. And also, how to overcome this.

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