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Pavel, ''The Technical Expert'' 📟

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Why IT?

- When I got my first PC I was very young. At this time Counter-Strike was a very popular game, which I also play with my friends. But game servers were very expensive and had very bad quality. I started to learn Linux and build CS servers on my computer. Then I spent all my pocket money on a dedicated PC, which we put inside my friend’s closet. When servers were configured, we started the first IT business that provided dedicated counter-strike servers. This was 16 years ago, but I still search for opportunities to build something necessary.

How do you strike a balance between work and personal life?

- My wife and I really like travelling. Every evening we dream about our next trip. We try to visit some exotic countries once a year and some nearby countries as much as possible. These dreams and trips help us relax from work.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

- I find motivation in books. My favourite author is Mark Manson, who wrote:

“No matter where you go, there’s a five-hundred-pound load of sh*t waiting for you. And that’s perfectly fine. The point isn’t to get away from the sh*t. The point is to find the sh*t you enjoy dealing with.”

I usually don’t say “no” to challenges. I try to find a path through these challenges, what I will really like in the future.

What are the main tasks you have to work on?

- My main goal and task are to change all IT processes and infrastructure support for remote management. Our family's little dream is remote work from some warm country during the winter season.

How are you planning your workday so everything gets done on time?

- My tool number 1 is a calendar. I put all my tasks on the calendar and share them with teammates and family. The calendar always notifies me if I forget something.

What do you like the most about Leadfinder?

- Leadfinder has the best team that I have ever met. They are also very open to customers and partners. All processes are transparent and I understand what actually is going on. Teammates are very helpful and always trust your decisions.


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