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We provide our service in two steps:

1. Setup phase, ie DNA mapping.

(Setup is a one time process per product / service. The outcome of the process works as an input to lead finding and activation.)

2. Lead generation, ie continuous lead finding and activation process.

(Lead generation is a continuous process with a monthly running logic.)


Step 1: Setup (DNA mapping)


Together we:


  1. Define what is the essence of what you do, whose "pain" are you relieving, why should they care about what you offer etc.

  2. Define the search criteria for your target organizations and decision makers.

  3. Choose the target markets for the campaigns.

  4. Compose engaging e-mail messages to your customers using our know-how and copywriting experience from other similar campaigns. 

  5. Prepare the campaign sequences.


Step 2: Lead generation


We run email campaigns on daily basis, on your behalf:


  1. We find the right prospects, using different sources and automation tools.

  2. We find contact details of the prospects, running on-demand searches from multiple global sources.

  3. We set up and maintain automated campaigns to systematically reach out to potential customers. We'll periodically add new contacts and update the messages to keep the campaign fresh and updated.

  4. We hand you the hot leads. We validate the customer responses, filter out automated replies and outdated contacts and we forward only qualified communication to your team.

  5. We provide you with weekly reports with a clear overview of the results.

Our Process in a nutshell


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