Want to do it risk-free, with a low budget and without hiring?

Need to increase B2B sales or enter a new market?


We handle your sales 

lead finding process.

We take care of the hassle of automating your qualified sales lead generation. You can choose to do this on a large scale and continuously or in smaller numbers and during a limited time period.

Super short setup times.


How we do it

We combine our vast sales expertise with carefully selected innovative automation tools to create a reliable lead generation process. 







We map your DNA: what is the essence of what you do, whose "pain" are you relieving, why should they care about what you offer etc.


We find the right prospects, using different sources and automation tools: we’ll make sure the number of prospects will be enough to get you the expected result.


We find contact details of the prospects, running on-demand searches from multiple global sources.


We compose engaging 'discussion starter' messages to your potential customers using our know-how and copywriting experience from other similar campaigns. 


We build and maintain automated sales campaigns to systematically reach out to the potential customers. We'll periodically update the messages and prospect pool to keep the campaign fresh and updated.

We hand over Hot leads to you: We validate the customer responses, filter out automated replies and outdated contacts and we forward only qualified communication to your team.




Extra source for sales leads


Less time and money spent for lead generation

Less people needed on sales and marketing team

Less human errors with highly automated process


Sales people get tired of constantly generating leads at a high pace, so they don’t do it at all or don’t look for enough leads to get good results. They forget to follow up, they make typos in individual messages and mistakes when scheduling customer meetings. Often they fail to quickly notice the need to change either the messages or the need to change the product or service because of the product life-cycle status, quality improvement needs etc.


Our automated processes fix most of these problems.



Richard Murutar

Robot Muralist

”We finally have the partner to consciously scale our sales. Great service and amazing team to work with. Thanks! ”


Nils Robertsson


“I appreciate the sincere, honest and straight forward way of working they have. Always listening and want to improve and good result so far.”


Kimmo Leveelahti

Koivu Solutions

”We had a need to amplify our lead generation in order to get a better understanding of how to position our selves in the enterprise IT scene. We have now ran several campaigns with Leadfinder and believe that we are now hitting the right target audience as leads are converting to deals. ”


Indrek Põldvee

B2B Growth

'' This was one of the best decisions. We got a lot of leads we normally would not have got and will definitely use Leadfinder again, as the investment is quite small compared to the gain.''