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Increase B2B sales with the help of e-mail outreach and LinkedIn

We take on the time-consuming task of finding B2B sales leads and generating a steady stream of potential new customers for your sales team via email and LinkedIn.

It's up to you to decide if you want to grow sales at home or abroad.


Quality sales leads from domestic and foreign markets


cost effective
payment model


Avg 10 x ROI
(revenue / investment)

Using e-mail or LinkedIn, we will proactively contact your company's potential B2B customers on your behalf and generate a guaranteed number of new leads. This is how you can find the hidden diamonds that wouldn’t find their way to you. 

Our B2B lead generation service includes: 


AI-supported copywriting

Creation and localization of personalized emails and LinkedIn messages.


Smart contact



Compilation of relevant contact lists according to criteria of your choice


B2B sales lead generation


Automated contact with potential customers


Summary of


Daily delivery of leads and weekly performance reports

Our Story

We’re a team of experienced B2B sales professionals who’ve been in business and sales since 1996. Together we’ve founded and built various start-ups. Along the way, however, we’ve stumbled over the same question time and again - how to find and reach new customers? 

By combining tools that enable sales automation, in-depth customer mapping, and our business experience, we developed an automated lead generation process to facilitate B2B sales in late 2019.

Read more about how we came up with

What our Clients say

We've helped companies in Estonia and Europe, as well as in the US and Asia, to smartly grow their B2B sales.


Kimmo Leveelahti

Sales Director at Koivu Solutions

" We’ve now run several campaigns with Leadfinder and hit the right target audience as leads are converting to deals. "


Juhan Toots

Sales Director at Energogen

" They flooded us with high-quality leads from day one. I had to ask for a temporary campaign break to keep up with incoming meeting requests, issuing quotes and closing deals. "


Mats Soomre

CEO of Belbin Eesti

" I'm most happy to say Leadfinder's team has truly delivered every promise and much more. It's results and attitude that I see and feel. "


Kristo Kokk

Sales Director at Kaamos

" With Leadfinder, ideas are born. In addition, this cooperation has helped us to achieve desired results. "


Raido Rosenfeld

CEO of ELKE Auto Toyota

" Leadfinder is a professional cooperation partner, who have helped us to increase B2B sales. I hope that our cooperation will continue successfully in the future as well. "

Do you want to be as successful in growing your company's B2B sales and finding new clients? 
Choose a convenient time from the calendar for a 30-minute video meeting and let's discuss possible cooperation!

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